[aur-general] How to see the interest in a package (other than votes)?

oliver oliver at first.in-berlin.de
Thu Feb 28 15:09:30 EST 2013


is it possible to see the number of downloads of packages from AUR,
so that it can be detected, how much interest in a package exists?

Say, there are some users who do not have a AUR-login,
and just would install the packages that are there... which are possibly
outdated, but would nevertheless be interested in installing
newer package, if possible.

If the download number is high enough, even if there
are not much votes (because some people may only
install stuff but are not interested in package maintaining and so on),
then at least interest of a package might be detected this way.

I'm asking, because I think I can adopt some more packages,
but would of course only pick those that I find interesting.
They might be interesting (topic), even if I wil not use
them by myself.
So, from that standpoint, I would then select by my own
interest and that of other people.
For packages that I use by myself, of course my interest is clear,
and I would pick such packages.

But say there are 100 orphaned packages and 20 of them look
interesting, but I would not use them by myself, then I would adopt
those, who are wanted by many people.
(And any package that I want to install myself.)

I hope I could make ckear, why I'm asking.

Say, there are 5 interesting packages, but 3 of them
will not be used, because that stuff is not used any more
(maybe because better projects are to prefer), then three don't need
support I think.

So, the tarball download numbers do matter in this respect.

Is it possible to add them to the AUR-pages of a project?


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