[aur-general] Request for merging comments and vote for 2 packets

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Wed Jan 2 21:02:34 EST 2013

Arthur Brainville wrote:

>I was recomendend to change the name of my package numlockontty into
>systemd-numlockontty, I think it's logic beacause this package is just a
>little script and a service for systemd.
>So, please can you merge
>and delete the first one.

done, thanks

>Also I'm new here and I'm note very familiar withs theses procedures ^^"

You provided a clear explanation and relevant links with your request.
It was perfect. :)

>in advance, thank you
>Brainville Arthur
>id clée publique GPG : 0x7BDE354E

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