[aur-general] Disown request for qedit, rtaudio and giada

Rob Til Freedmen rob.til.freedman at gmail.com
Sat Jan 12 17:31:42 EST 2013

>I'm deeply sorry for not having updated those packages (and others too) in the last month,
>and for not answering you at the same time (your mail has been totally buried in my todo list).
You're in time ;)

>I was in contact with its main developer (I think the only one) because Giada was promising
Yeah, it was fun to play with.

>but with some really annoying bugs and design limits (ex. it was x86_64 incompatible).
I'm on i686 - on x86_64, I would need some help...

>Linux was not his main development platform.
>I suggested him to set up a better development platform for collaborative code contribution
>(versioning, bug tracker), but he rejected saying he and his project was not ready to this
>kind of development view.
Yeah, it's a one-man-show. But I'm sure he's accepting staging diffs
on his git tree.

>but keep in mind I'll try to be here for giving you an helping hand if you need it.
I appreciate your offer!

>Giada, rtaudio and quedit are now fatherless, hurry up and adopt em :)
Oops, luolimao took over (part of) my fixes for qedit, rtaudio and giada
I'm fine with it, if it's done properly...

You were so eager to take over... I'm sure you will read this:

Did you even check your giada/PKGBUILD?

Your source line results to this src file:

You're still downloading giada.png from monocasual.com
Why not the source - it's still working

Your PKGBUILD breaks with an error:

configure: error: cannot run C++ compiled programs.
If you meant to cross compile, use `--host'.
See `config.log' for more details
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().

Obscure isn't it? Just because of a missing blank in export XXXFLAGS...
Shy on copying my fixes verbatim?

If it's not working for x86_64, remove it from arch=() and ask for help.


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