[aur-general] New PKGBUILD for consideration "ttf-apple"

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Sun Jan 20 06:25:29 EST 2013

Ok, thanks for the feedback, and it's what I assumed would be the case 
and my reason for asking. I did wonder why there were packages in the 
AUR that linked to content without, apparently, having appropriate 
rights. To confirm that I understand this correctly:

On 20/01/13 08:45, Xyne wrote:
> The PKGBUILD does not contain the fonts so it is not distribution. The 
> fonts are downloaded directly by the user when the package is built. 
> Unless the source of those files is somehow illegal (e.g. privately 
> hosted non-free files that the host may not legally distribute) then 
> there is no problem. Regards, Xyne 

A PKGBUILD may link to legal sources, so for an Apple font package to be 
legal, its sources must be. I get that. But the sources I used are those 
in use by packages already in AUR so, if they aren't legal sources, this 
would make the existing AUR packages (macfonts and ttf-mac-fonts) bad 
too, right ?

So to review the legality of the package we need to look at its sources:

On 20/01/13 04:27, Kirill Churin wrote:
> This package source links:
> http://ompldr.org/vNXFlNA — illegal
> http://invisible-**files.googlecode.com/files/**ttf-mac-fonts.tar.gz<http://invisible-files.googlecode.com/files/ttf-mac-fonts.tar.gz>
>> illegal
> https://macbuntu.svn.**sourceforge.net/svnroot/**macbuntu/Macbuntu/fonts<https://macbuntu.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/macbuntu/Macbuntu/fonts>
>> illegal
1. http://ompldr.org/vNXFlNA

This is from package 'macfonts' in the AUR. From what I can tell it 
originated from http://ubuntu-debs.googlecode.com/files/macfonts.tar.gz 
via http://korben.info//des-polices-mac-sur-ubuntu.html who copied it 
onto a file host at http://ompldr.org/vNXFlNA. The source at 
http://ubuntu-debs.googlecode.com is no longer available.

2. http://invisible-files.googlecode.com/files/ttf-mac-fonts.tar.gz

This is indirectly from package 'ttf-mac' in the AUR. It isn't in the 
package itself but is directly linked from the URL given in the 
PKGBUILD's 'pkgdesc' entry 
(https://github.com/GutenYe/aur/tree/master/ttf-mac: at the bottom, 
there is a link "Wow, It's too complex, it there a easy way? sure, you 
can find a download link at 

3. https://macbuntu.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/macbuntu/Macbuntu/fonts

This is from package 'ttf-mac-fonts' in the AUR. This one presents the 
"Safari For Windows" license as applicable to this which I doubt is 

I would say that, from a legality viewpoint, package 'ttf-mac' is the 
cleanest as it doesn't install anything without additional work on 
behalf of the user to provide licensed content themselves (although it 
does indirectly link to a dubious way of obtaining that content). The 
other, however, I would suggest are somewhat dubious and should, 
perhaps, be removed?

As I can't vouch for the sources used by the AUR packages that I based 
my package on, I won't publish my package to the AUR.

Many thanks for your comment and apologies if I've opened a can of worms ;)

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