[aur-general] NVIDIA drivers

SpinFlo sl1pkn07 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 20:19:21 EST 2013


before two days i ve upload to AUR this package:
http://paste.ubuntu.com/1567724 (not the same, the name is
nvidia-total-beta). and ipsofact deleted by @gtmanfred with this
message: "this is completely un necessary, please don't litter the aur
with more

well, i ve upload this package for the reason explain by @alucryd,
need download up to 4 times the nvidia blob drivers for install
dkms-nvidia-beta (was mine and left to use this package),
nvidia-utils-beta, lib32-nvidia-utils-beta and lib32-libcl.

everyone can use the package for your needs, that's what AUR, I think.

the *-total* packages not add nothig in special like individual
packages, only group in one some diferent packages for hel save
several bandwidth/space and time

i think can live with individual packages


pd: sorry my english

2013/1/25 Alexander Rødseth <rodseth at gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> According to the AUR guidelines, it should be okay with several
> packages for the same application, as long as they all provide
> something different, like applying different patches etc.
> "Exception to this strict rule may only be packages having extra
> features enabled and/or patches in compare to the official ones." -
> https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Arch_Packaging_Standards#Submitting_packages_to_the_AUR
> If the *-total packages provide the same software, without any extra
> features enabled and/or patches, perhaps they could be kept instead of
> the old packages?
> Are there reasons to keep the old nvidia packages, if they provide the
> same content, instead of only having the *-total packages?
> --
> Sincerely,
>   Alexander Rødseth
>   xyproto / TU

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