[aur-general] Request for comments: new tdom package - replace or additional git

Uwe Koloska kolewu at koloro.de
Mon Jan 28 18:58:42 EST 2013


since I'm really new to archlinux and the AUR I would like to get some
comments on my first package, derived from an existing one:
Since the update to tcl 8.6 it is not possible to build the package.

Their is no current tagged version so I have created a git-version of

So besides any comment to make the PKGBUILD better, I have the following

What's best: make a new package tdom-git that uses the github master
branch or just change the current package?

Or make a "stable" package that uses the last tagged version and patch
the support for tcl 8.6?  (and maybe make a git package too)

The current maintainer wants to hand over the package.  What are the
right steps for this?

Best regards

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