[aur-general] Problem with a package maintainer / versioning in the PKGBUILD [ponymix-git]

Richard Schwab mail at w.tf-w.tf
Sat Jul 13 17:10:59 EDT 2013

Hi there,

today I noticed that there was a newer PKGBUILD for the package ponymix-git
available, because I noticed an update in the package on another system.
After that I wondered why I didn't see an update notification in cower and
noticed that the package version I had installed was recognized as greater
version number than the new version.

[2013-07-13 16:48] [PACMAN] downgraded ponymix-git (20130329-1 -> 1.2.g60328ca-1)

After seeing that I contacted the maintainer and asked him to add an epoch
( https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/PKGBUILD#epoch ) to the PKGBUILD to have
it recognizing the newer version, but he refused to do so, telling me he'd be
aware of how the versions are compared and told me to "complain to every other
maintainer on the AUR that their VCS package needs an epoch".


Richard Schwab

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