[aur-general] Status of Compiz on AUR

Edoardo Maria Elidoro edoardo.elidoro at gmail.com
Wed Jul 17 11:46:40 EDT 2013

Hi everyone,
I think someone should really take care of Compiz and its PKGBUILD
because it's quite a mess. It installs almost two DE (I know it's an
exaggeration) just to compile the main package. When it was on
Community (if I'm not wrong) the PKGBUILD was fine because only a
person has to compile it, but now that it's on AUR I think it should
be better to split it in different packages based on the DE in use.

I'm writing here just to have some feedback about this "issue" and
maybe to encourage someone to adopt it and fix it. I don't feel like
it's something I will be able to do otherwise I'd have already adopted

Have a nice day,

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