[aur-general] TU application

Dicebot public at dicebot.lv
Thu Jul 18 08:14:35 EDT 2013

On 07/17/2013 11:52 PM, Sébastien Luttringer wrote:
>> I have been using Arch Linux for last ~5 years but that does not really
>> matter as I have never spent any considerable time maintaining packages.
> Do you use Arch as your main computer OS? On servers ? On testing vm ?

All of those. main one on home PC + powers my VPS + supplementary 32bit 
VM for testing packages/libraries.

> What's about you? Where are you from? What's your name?
> Do you ride horses?

Hey, Arch Wiki did not mention any questionnaire that needs to be 
answered! ;)

Well, my name is Michael (Михаил Страшун), age 24. I am originally from 
Latvia, ethnically Russian. Currently located in Berlin, programming in 
D for a living. No horse riding. Was quite seriously into Greek-Roman 
wrestling for almost a decade but was prohibited to take any burst 
physical load after recovering from a cerebral stroke. These days just 
do coding 24/7. Favor Internet anarchists.

Anything specific you'd like to know?

> I quickly looked your packages in AUR and they seems good. If I may
> formulate small advices:
> - Your quoting of $srcdir and $pkgdir is missing. Those variables can
> have space ;
> - No need to "cd $srcdir" at the beginning of package() ;
> - It's bertter to use  install instead of mkdir and cp ;


> - Try to avoid versionned dependencies (like 'dmd>=2.063' ).

That is not accident, I do precisely know that it won't work with dmd 
2.062 - I am one of contributors to that project.

Best regards,

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