[aur-general] Removal request: "spotcommander-xampp"

Ole Jon Bjørkum mail at olejon.net
Sat Jun 1 06:28:00 EDT 2013

OK, I will upload the package soon. I know how PKGBUILDs work. If you had
looked at the wiki page I linked to you would have understood what I meant.
The PKGBUILD I have made automates what is described on the wiki page. It
works as it should on my Arch VM. I may have confused you by using the word
package when I meant PKGBUILD.

Ole Jon

2013/5/31 Xyne <xyne at archlinux.ca>

> Ole Jon Bjørkum wrote:
> >I request that the package "spotcommander-xampp" be removed from AUR.
> >
> >URL: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/spotcommander-xampp/
> >
> >Reason: I am the developer of SpotCommander. The version in AUR is very
> >outdated. I am planning to upload the latest version of SpotCommander to
> >AUR, and to avoid confusion among users, I think the old package should be
> >removed. The new version is better in every way, so there's no reason to
> >keep it around. I have talked to the maintainer of the package and he
> agree.
> I disagree. Once you have uploaded the new package (presumably under a
> different name, as there would be no reason to delete the old package
> otherwise, given that you could simply update it instead), a TU can merge
> the
> old one into the new one with a message redirecting users to install the
> new
> package. If we simply delete the package now, the transition will be more
> difficult for existing users.
> Send another email when the new package is up.
> >SpotCommander can also be installed manually:
> >https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/SpotCommander.
> >The package I am going to upload to AUR automates this process.
> I'm a bit confused by this statement. All PKGBUILDs "automate" the
> creation of
> packages. Combined with the previous statement, it sounds as though you
> might
> not know how PKGBUILDs work. They provide instructions for makepkg to
> download
> sources and build a Pacman package. Updating the package is usually as
> simple
> as updating the package version in the PKGBUILD to direct it to retrieve
> and
> build the latest sources.
> Incidentally, it is bad advice to suggest that users install a package
> manually
> on Arch Linux. PKGBUILDs are dead-simple to write and make it possible to
> fully
> manage the installed package with dependency resolution. Manual
> installation
> can lead to system clutter, file conflicts and other problems.
> Regards,
> Xyne

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