[aur-general] Python debug symbols

Mo0O mo0ofier mo0ofier at gmail.com
Tue Jun 18 04:07:58 EDT 2013


I have made a PKGBUILD which enable Python debug symbols -
http://sprunge.us/gDLL - to enable python debuging with gdb

I have two question:

- as I only add !strip and debug options in the original PKGBUILD, is it
realy relevant to push it on AUR? -I know some python dev who's thinking it
could be useful to have python packaged like this, but I want your opinion-

- I have named it python2-gdb, is it a good choice ? or maybe you prefer
something like: python2-symbols, python2-debug, python2-debug-symbols or



PS: I could make one for Python3 too, if you fell the first one necessary

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