[aur-general] Merge request: aquaria-hib-git -> aquaria-git

Sam S. smls75 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 22 12:06:11 EDT 2013


Could you please merge

I'm the submitter and maintainer of both packages.


Currently, aquaria-hib-git takes the proprietary Aquaria game data
from the Humble Bundle archive, but replaces some game files and the
executable with an improved GPL version compiled from git.
Thanks to recent upstream changes to the GPL executable, it has now
become possible to separate out the installation of the proprietary
game files into their own package ("aquaria-data-hib"). What remains
of "aquaria-hib-git" should be called "aquaria-git" to reflect this,
so I have re-uploaded it under this new name.
Benefits include:

 - proprietary and GPL stuff is no longer mixed in the same package
 - no need for users to supply the Humble Bundle game archive again,
each time they install a new version of the executable
 - in the future, "aquaria-data-hib" could be complemented by drop-in
alternatives like "aquaria-data-steam", "aquaria-data-demo", ...


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