[aur-general] aurtomatic: new python3-aur script

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Fri Mar 1 14:20:41 EST 2013


Some of you may be interested in the new "aurtomatic" script included in
python3-aur [1]. You can use it to do the following from the command line:

* comment
* vote
* unvote
* notify
* unnotify
* flag
* unflag

The functionality is in the AUR.Aurploader module. There is support there for
other interactions if anyone wants to add them before I get around to it.

I expect to eventually get around to adding support for TU actions (internal
votes, changing account fields, etc.) It's far down on my todo list but feel
free to express interest if you want to bump it up (or submit code). I would
probably create a separate front-end for it to avoid user confusion


[1] http://localhost:8000/projects/python3-aur/

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