[aur-general] Putting bumblebee and friends into [community]

Angel Velásquez angvp at archlinux.org
Sun Mar 3 02:32:38 EST 2013

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On 02/03/13 09:53, Sven-Hendrik Haase wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to gather some opinions on this. I was thinking about
> putting bumblebee, primus and bbswitch into [community] as it
> doesn't look as though nvidia is going to fix this properly in
> their driver any time soon. I know about the GPL symbol drama and
> the supposed fix that is in mainline now but how long until nvidia
> releases a working driver that makes use of all that?
> Until then, I think bumblebee is an ok fix. For laptops with
> optimus, bumblebee is pretty much a necessity if you want any kind
> of battery life and acceptable sound levels. I have a laptop with
> optimus and use bumblebee all the time and I think it would make
> sense to have it in [community]. The sad fact is that bumblebee is
> currently the only working solution for optimus.

I think you should move too many of the dependencies from aur to
multilib too..

> Normally I wouldn't ask the mailing list for something mundane as
> moving packages but as bbswitch is a kernel module and as bumblebee
> is not very highly regarded as a good solution even by its
> developers, I thought it'd make sense to ask here first before
> people got angry.

+1 I suggested you to move this to community, i've prepared some of
the packages that are on aur, i did plans to move this, but then on
the way i am not using much bumblebee now .. so count with my support
/ help co-maintaining this.

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