[aur-general] TU application from graysky

member graysky graysky at archlinux.us
Tue Mar 12 15:24:58 EDT 2013

On Tue, Mar 12, 2013 at 12:34 PM, Bartłomiej Piotrowski
<b at bpiotrowski.pl> wrote:
> I'm not sure if I should take part in the discussion, as my application
> also hasn't specified anything besides packages I want to maintain, but…
> As long as I understand (not only) your need of privacy, I would like to
> know a bit more about you. Where do you live and what are you doing when
> not working on Arch stuff? You don't have to be very precise, I'm just
> curious.

I did read though some past TU apps in the archives, but ultimately
elected to keep mine short and sweet.  To answer your questions, I
currently live on the boarder of Illinois and Indiana and work in the
medical field.  I love to travel and spend time in the outdoors.
Tropical destinations are on the top of my list of favorite places on
Earth with the US VI, the Caribbean, and Jamaica being top picks.
Snorkeling has always been one of my favorite things to do.  I keep
flirting with the idea of getting certified for SCUBA but never pulled
the trigger on it yet.  I grew up playing piano and did so seriously
when I was younger and before discovering the guitar.  You'd be
surprised how many metal guitarists started out classically trained.
I played in a bands all though high school and most of college.
Mostly metal and entirely cover tunes.

> Why do you think that e.g. monitorix will be good addition to
> [community]? It doesn't look very different from munin or collectd; I
> haven't encountered it in other distributions. Fine, it's all about
> willingness to maintain yet another package, but 53 votes doesn't
> indicate anything.

I like the way the data are displayed with monitorix.  Been using it
off-and-on since version 1 was released.  I can't comment on the other
two you mentioned having never used them.

> Among pointless bug reports such as executable bit on icon file, you
> helped me at least once (sorry, I have bad memory. :p) with ufw.service,
> so I can assume you are active not only on our bugtracker. Additionally
> I had kernel26-ck on my desktop for some time; modprobed_db was useful
> too (while it's quite ugly solution).

Ha, thanks.  The source to it and really all my stuff is on my github.
 Pull requests are welcomed; always interested to learn another way to
do things.

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