[aur-general] Request for comment on gnuplot-nox PKGBUILD

Doug Newgard scimmia22 at outlook.com
Mon Mar 25 14:52:28 EDT 2013

> From: jokot3 at gmail.com
> Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2013 19:13:18 +0100
> To: aur-general at archlinux.org
> Subject: [aur-general] Request for comment on gnuplot-nox PKGBUILD
> Hi,
> I recently adopted the gnuplot-nox (
> https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/?O=0&K=gnuplot-nox) package and I would
> like to have your advices before publishing a new version of the PKGBUILD
> (this is my first package in AUR).
> I have read the wiki pages about arch packaging standard and AUR (eh! that
> is even why I am posting to the list)
> I mostly adapted the pkgbuild of the former maintainer so you should not
> fire me on the spot (I hope).
> PKGBUILD : http://pastebin.com/RGh7jPYA
> patch : http://pastebin.com/MwAQTqm2
> Two main questions :
> - should the package "Provides" gnuplot or "Conflict" with gnuplot (from
> [extra]) ?
> - is it the right way to patch sources ?
> Regards,
> --
> Jonathan Gibert
> Consultant
> www.iconsultants.fr

I would suggest taking a look at the official PKBUILD for ideas. Doing make install like that instead of using DESTDIR is kind of ridiculous, for example.

For the question on provides and conflicts, it's not one or the other. Does your package conflict with gnuplot, ie contain the same files in the same place? Does your package provide gnuplot, ie is usable by other packages that may depend on gnuplot? Many (or even most) times, it's both.

On the patch, that way is fine, although if you're just changing all occurrences of subsubsecion to subsecion, using sed in the PKGBUILD would be much simpler IMO. sed -i 's/subsubsection/subsection/g' docs/gnuplot.texi
I didn't look at the file being patched, so if you're just changing certain ones, that won't work.

As general notes, please quote anything that contains variables like $pkgdir and $srcdir, and the end of the configure command should not have a "\" after it ("--with-readline=gnu \" should be just "--with-readline=gnu") 		 	   		  

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