[aur-general] AUR upgraded to 2.2.0

Hector Martinez-Seara hseara at gmail.com
Tue Mar 26 05:01:01 EDT 2013

I do not understand. Catalan translation is 100% done. It has been for
quite a long time like this. Still many strings appear in English. I have
checked other translations like Spanish and they do not have the same
problem. Is there any reason why the effort of the translators is ignored?
Sorry for being hash, but is the second time I face the same issue.

2013/3/26 Lukas Fleischer <archlinux at cryptocrack.de>

> The official Arch Linux AUR setup has been upgraded to 2.2.0. For a
> short list of changes, read [1].
> If you experience problems during login, please also read [2].
> Please report any further issues to the AUR bug tracker [3].
> [1] https://mailman.archlinux.org/pipermail/aur-dev/2013-March/002469.html
> [2] https://mailman.archlinux.org/pipermail/aur-dev/2013-March/002464.html
> [3] https://bugs.archlinux.org/index.php?project=2

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