[aur-general] makepkg patch for git at bitbucket.org urls

Myles English mylesenglish at gmail.com
Fri May 3 17:19:05 EDT 2013


Either I am using makepkg or wrong (how?) or I have a patch that might
be useful.

I was having trouble using this source line:


which leads to this git command:

$ git clone --mirror git://git@bitbucket.org:mylese/dolfin.git /home/myles/tmp/sources/dolfin

and this error:

"fatal: Unable to look up git at bitbucket.org (port mylese) (Servname not
supported for ai_socktype)"

Omitting the "git://" protocol, i.e.:

sources=(dolfin::git at bitbucket.org:mylese/dolfin.git)

leads to the "local" protocol being used and then

"==> ERROR: dolfin was not found in the build directory and is not a URL"

Changing makepkg like this:

diff --git a/makepkg b/makepkg
index 45a702e..310e5ef 100755
--- a/makepkg
+++ b/makepkg
@@ -269,6 +269,10 @@ get_protocol() {
 		# strip leading filename
 		local proto="${1##*::}"
 		printf "%s\n" "${proto%%://*}"
+	elif [[ $1 = *@bitbucket* ]]; then
+		# strip leading filename
+		local proto="${1##*::}"
+		printf "%s\n" "${proto%%@bitbucket*}"
 		printf "%s\n" local

allows this sources line to be used:

sources=(dolfin::git at bitbucket.org:mylese/dolfin.git)


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