[aur-general] Custom licence directory ?

Rafael Ferreira josephgbr at archlinux.info
Mon Nov 18 06:53:40 EST 2013

Em 18/11/2013 09:27, G. Schlisio escreveu:
> well spotted misspelling, but his question was to put license file
> into /usr/share/licenses/gnuplot{,-nox}.
> i suppose you could try adding a symlink from gnuplot-nox to gnuplot,
> so namcap complains no more.
> quite some other packages do that as well.
> georg

Well, Arch packaging standard says /usr/share/licenses/$pkgname is the 
correct license folder. And namcap respects that while verifying his 
package. Case it is not desire of the maintainer to use this standard 
(without typos and in $pkgname dirname), arch system won't break... but 
he will not be following correctly the aforementioned standard.

ps.: Doing a symlink won't vanish namcap's warning because symlink != 
directory. Anyway, it is just a warning.

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