[aur-general] disown fortune-mod-br

Levente Polyak arch at leventepolyak.net
Wed Oct 9 16:48:34 EDT 2013

 this is not intended to harras you.
 Doug exactly pointed out what my intention was behind asking you.
 Besides that there is a "rule" [1] that tells you to do so.
 Event if this is not a strict rule, its still considered a good habit 
 to ask per mail.

 Additionally the AUR page says that it was flagged out of date 
 2013-10-09 (today).

 btw: you already posted 3 emails to this list, is posting a single 
 email only for good
 manners and fairness that much of a hustle?



 09.10.2013, 15:39 +0200 Doug Newgard <scimmia22 at outlook.com>:
> ----------------------------------------
>> From: lara at craft.net.br
>> Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2013 17:35:33 -0300
>> To: aur-general at archlinux.org
>> Subject: Re: [aur-general] disown fortune-mod-br
>> The package is out of date since 2012! The sistematico adopted the 
>> package and
>> not updated until today. He is still using $startdir in the package.
>> I can not understand, what the problem?!
>> --------
>> And how would you feel if someone was able to just email this list 
>> and
>> take over one of your package for no reason without even attempting 
>> to
>> contact you first?
>> I don't understand what's difficult about sending an email.
>> --
>> *~ Lara ~*
> And I can't understand what the problem is with sending a simple 
> email.

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