[aur-general] Disown request: links-g-directfb

Maxime Gauduin alucryd at gmail.com
Sat Oct 19 07:57:56 EDT 2013

On Sat, Oct 19, 2013 at 1:20 PM, <lukas.graetz at web.de> wrote:

> Dear Maxime,
> > There was no need to create a duplicate thread for this.
> I'm sorry for seending sending you duplicates. I was irritadet because I
> got no answer like
> > You sent your
> > mail to JokerBoy on the 5th, there is still one day left before we can
> > disown the package.
> before. I thought you hadn't noticed my mail.
> Anyway, I still got no answer from Jokerboy. Could you disown it jet,
> please?
> lks

Package disowned, you're free to grab it.


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