[aur-general] projectm packages in AUR

Allen Li cyberdupo56 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 29 00:24:55 EDT 2013


I am the maintainer for two projectm packages in the AUR, namely
projectm-jack and projectm-libvisual-alsa.  I think it would be best if
these were also included in the split PKGBUILD for projectm related
packages in the official repos.  I see no reason to keep them separate
in the AUR.

P.S. I see that projectm-jack is now in the repos.  Should I drop a
message on the AUR mailing list to have that merged?

P.P.S. I tried putting this in arch-dev-public, but it's not open for
comment to the public it seems.  I'm not entirely sure where to direct
this, but since it is sort of related to the AUR, here seemed like a


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