[aur-general] lxc-docker-git / maci

Felix Yan felixonmars at gmail.com
Thu Oct 31 12:21:06 EDT 2013

On Thursday, October 31, 2013 11:48:47 Ido Rosen wrote:
> Hi y'all,
>   I can't seem to reach AUR user maci who maintains lxc-docker-git: his
> email domain (satgnu.org) has an MX record that points to satgnu.org as the
> mail server, but satgnu.org has no A record.  This is the second message
> I've tried sending over the last couple of weeks.
> Please disown lxc-docker-git so I can adopt it.  If he wants it back later,
> he can email me and I'll disown it and let him adopt it again.
> Thanks,
> Ido

Disowned. Please include a link to package next time, thanks.

Felix Yan
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