[aur-general] Merge request: mpv-player-git -> mpv-git

Jesse Juhani Jaara jesse.jaara at gmail.com
Sat Sep 7 09:25:26 EDT 2013

la, 2013-09-07 kello 14:15 +0200, Rob Til Freedmen kirjoitti
> Your recommendation would break a lot of other packages
> My build uses static libs - so it doesn't break anything

I don't really think so. Atleast libav-git works well and doesn't break
a single package I have in my systems and I don't think ffmpeg-git does
eather. Same goes for the other git stuff too.

I ofcourse cannot say for 100% if the packages, but none of the ones I
have installed do not mind having -git version of those libs. And I do
have fairly recentish builds of them.

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