[aur-general] Taking over package centerim5-git

Joss Wright joss-arch at pseudonymity.net
Tue Sep 10 05:11:55 EDT 2013


(I've subscribed straight after reading the FAQ, so apologies for my
unfamiliarity with the community.)

I've been using the centerim5-git package for a while now.
( https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/centerim5-git/ ). Every time
the package updates (for example, every time I run `yaourt
--sucre`), I get asked to authorize the ssh key for centerim's git
server. This causes the update procedure to wait for that authorisation,
which is annoying if you run a full upgrade overnight.

I finally got fed up and delved into the PKGBUILD. It seems the main
problem was not splitting off the package() function. I've now made it
work, as a reasonably standard git-based PKGBUILD based on the hundreds
of other ones out there.

I commented on the package itself a few days ago, and emailed the
package maintainer. The FAQ says to wait a couple of weeks, but it seems
unlikely he'll turn up as the email address is bouncing. (Which means I
assume he's not getting notifications of comments either.)

I'd be willing to take over maintaining this package if and when it's
decided that it has been abandoned. (And, to be honest, for a relatively
obscure package with 9 votes I doubt if anyone finds it critical.)

Joss Wright | @JossWright
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