[aur-general] Re-iterating the problem of AUR xorriso and Archlinux libisoburn

Thomas Schmitt scdbackup at gmx.net
Sat Sep 14 07:24:39 EDT 2013


Martti Kühne wrote:
> Technically, 2 weeks after writing the email you could have come here
> to ask for orphaning.

I wanted (and still want) to create a good relationship
between the package maintainer and me as upstream.
But vacation time is over now. So i assume she/he is
busy with other things.

> That is still possible and a TU will gladly help
> you adopt this package.

Seeking for an excuse that is as good as the one i used
for not becomming Debian Maintainer of my software ...

How about this:
 In general, i try to be a neutral upstream.
 Not even Linux specific.
 The effort to teach me is as big as the effort
 to make the change which i propose below.

But as said, i am mainly interested in good cooperation.
Just tell me what i have to do. If it is needed to adopt the
package and to learn AUR proceedings, then i will do.

What i would try to achieve:

Make package "xorriso" empty and depending on "libisoburn".

Make "xorriso-tcltk" empty and depending on "libisoburn",
"tcl", "Tk">=8.4, and "bwidget"


That would put all future maintainance effort on the archlinux
package "libisoburn".
If "xorriso" would be removed, i assume that soon some user
of grub-mkrescue would ask for such a package.

I see all needed files in
Only the dependency on Tcl/Tk/Bwidget is missing (and
inappropriate for a library).

Is this possible at all ?
Would a Trusted User be willing to teach me how to achieve it ? 

Have a nice day :)


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