[aur-general] Delete requests

Doug Newgard scimmia22 at outlook.com
Wed Sep 25 23:20:57 EDT 2013

terminology-guake-git pulls from a branch of terminology that hasn't been
updated since Oct of last year, when terminology was in it's infancy. I can't
get a response from the author, either. This package has just become useless
cruft, so I'm requesting it be removed:


Long dead upstream and hasn't built for years:


Dead upstream and no development since the last release, making it a duplicate
of the release package already in the AUR. Nothing worth merging, so just needs


Enlightenment used to have a DM called Entrance. It's long gone, but there was
another one written named Elsa. After the original Entrance died, Elsa was
renamed to Entrance. The entrance-themes package is for the old, non-existant
Entrance, so it needs to be deleted:


A lot of work was done on ffmpeg-compat in [community] a while ago, so now
acestream can use that. The acestream-ffmpeg package is no longer needed:


Doug Newgard (Scimmia) 		 	   		  

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