[aur-general] [Orphan Request]: zsh-syntax-highlighting-git

Sam Stuewe halosghost at archlinux.info
Sun Sep 29 10:33:20 EDT 2013

Hey everyone,

I send this maintainer an email about a week ago asking for them to 
orphan or update [1] as it is woefully out-of-date by packaging 
standards (it would not even build for me without some serious 
modifications). I know the standard practice is to wait two weeks, but 
on looking closer at the maintainer's history [2], they have not voted 
since the middle of 2012, and their last package update was made earlier 
in 2012 than their last vote. It would appear that the account is 
largely no longer active.

If the TUs would like me to wait the rest of the standard two-week 
period before orphaning the package, that is fine, but I figured it 
might be worth while making y'all aware of the essentially inactive 

All the best,


1 https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/zsh-syntax-highlighting-git
2 https://aur.archlinux.org/account/mjheagle8

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