[aur-general] Please remove these packages from AUR

Jesus Alvarez jeezusjr at gmail.com
Sun Apr 20 17:07:38 EDT 2014

Sorry for the lack of explanation. I maintain the zfs packages in AUR.
The zfs, zfs-utils, spl, spl-utils packages have been replaced by
zfs-{git,lts}, zfs-utils-{git,lts}, ...

ZFSonLinux.org are slow to make official releases, but they have a
stable master branch on git. The original zfs packages on AUR required
too many patches to keep up to date with kernel API changes, so we
decided to instead base the releases of of GIT and provide the LTS
packages for people that don't feel comfortable using the git

The original zfs packages in AUR are no longer required and would only
confuse users.

Jesus A.

On Sun, Apr 20, 2014 at 1:36 PM, Nowaker <enwukaer at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Without any explanation, you want popular, actively maintained packages
>> removed from the AUR?
>> Sounds fishy, care to explain?
> I was surprised as well so checked the AUR. This is what the maintainer
> wrote in the comment:
>> Ok everyone, the zfs-lts packages are in AUR. They are also included in
>> the archzfs repository.
>> The lts packages use the official releases from ZFSonLinux.org and do not
>> contain any patches.
> Maintaining zfs for the latest kernel was probably a burden for him.
> --
> Kind regards,
> Damian Nowak
> StratusHost
> www.AtlasHost.eu

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