[aur-general] Package ownership change request for yaourt-git

Jeremy Audet ichimonji10 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 3 23:48:44 EDT 2014

> Anyone using VCS packages from the AUR, should be following the package
upstream and rebuilding it as they go.

Aha. This gets to the heart of things. I've been assuming that many VCS
package users will install a VCS package and henceforth rely upon the
package maintainer to update the VCS package on a regular basis, therefore
triggering a user's package manager to update that VCS package. If it is
assumed that all VCS package users explicitly update all of their VCS
packages, then yes, never updating a VCS package makes sense.

Thanks for the explanation.

> Johannes Löthberg
> ...

Mmhmm. I well understand the difference between PKGBUILDs and packages, the
fact that makepkg uses the `pkgver` function in VCS packages, and so on.

> The version number changes on each commit, are you claiming that the
PKGBUILD needs updated for each commit?

That depends on the use case. Now that Daniel has explained the officially
supported use case to me, my answer is "no", VCS PKGBUILDs do not need to
be updated for each commit.

> just rebuild the package and it updates. That's your responsibility

Again, I did not realize that this was the only officially supported use

— Jeremy "Ichimonji10" Audet

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