[aur-general] virtualbox-extension-pack vs. virtualbox-ext-oracle

Laurent Carlier lordheavym at gmail.com
Mon Aug 4 17:11:01 EDT 2014

Le lundi 4 août 2014, 18:15:32 Christian Hesse a écrit :
> Hello everybody,
> following a lengthy discussion sublu just deleted my package
> virtualbox-extension-pack from AUR. This is what his package
> (virtualbox-ext-oracle) does:
> * Install an archive file.
> * Use install script to copy a number of files to /usr without pacman
> knowing about it.
> I think this is the wrong way, so I created my own package
> (virtualbox-extension-pack) that tries to get it right:
> * Just install the files required, "ready to use" for virtualbox.
> * No crappy install script required!
> My package had about 75 votes IIRC, probably there would have been more if
> more people knew about the details. The discussing had a number of comments
> that agreed about my opinion regarding installing/coping files to /usr with
> pacman or the install script.
> Although I think it is wrong seblu is free to provide his package via AUR.
> But is there any good reason mine is not allowed to reside there?

I've checked both packages, then i've also checked virtualbox documentation. 
Documentation is available at http://www.virtualbox.org/manual/
* Ch8.36. VBoxManage extpack *
<<The "extpack" command allows you to add or remove VirtualBox extension 
packs, as described in Section 1.5, “Installing VirtualBox and extension 
In regards of VirtualBox docs, Seblu is installing extension pack the proper 

Your package isn't following upstream way to install extension package and you 
are not sure it will keep working, you are just lucky.

Your package is only a duplicated package of seblu's one, only differing on the 
way to install extension pack files isn't a good reason enough. Seblu was right 
to remove your package, there was an explanation before suppressing, rules 
were followed.

Nothing more to say.
Laurent Carlier
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