[aur-general] AUR request mentality

Daniel Micay danielmicay at gmail.com
Sun Aug 17 05:56:25 EDT 2014

On 17/08/14 05:52 AM, Evgeniy Alekseev wrote:
> In my opinion TUs should *always* check a package under request. If sources 
> are no longer available anywhere (such as for some of *berlios.de projects) it 
> can be removed. If the package has not maintainer and if it has a few votes it 
> can be removed too (since seems it is not interesting to anyone). As for me I 
> don't think that we should remove useful packages even its upstream has no 
> activity (if it is not broken of course).

If it has known vulnerabilities, then I think it's a different story.

However, we should probably start dealing with dead / poorly maintained
projects in [extra] and [community] with known security holes before
applying it as a standard for AUR packages...

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