[aur-general] AUR GIT and Bug Tracker

mrlemux at gmail.com mrlemux at gmail.com
Tue Aug 19 04:14:01 EDT 2014

We could also have a development area(like this) for the AUR that isn't
integrated into the main GUI(aur.archlinux.org) and replace the
request button with a link to the devolepment area
On 08/19/2014 12:15 AM, Massimiliano Torromeo wrote:
> At work I did setup gitlab community edition [1] on our servers to 
> self-host all our projects and it has many similarities with
> github.
> It has been working fine for quite some time (migrated from a
> self-hosted gitorious) and could be a possible solution if we want
> to host the repositories on our servers and eventually develop
> custom integrations.
> [1] https://about.gitlab.com/gitlab-ce/

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