[aur-general] Pinning dependency versions in PKGBUILDs?

Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Tue Aug 19 11:46:31 EDT 2014

Sorry for the rather late answer here :)

* Stefan Husmann <stefan-husmann at t-online.de> [2014-08-06 19:45:24 +0200]:
> I have other issues: Built from AUR, this is not an official Arch Linux package, so you should use
> --with-compiledby="$PACKAGER"  instead of --with-compiledby='Arch Linux'
> (users who do not set PACKAGER in their makepkg.conf will get an empty string, but this is their fault)

Thanks, fixed.

* Johannes Löthberg <johannes at kyriasis.com> [2014-08-06 23:39:29 +0200]:
> On 06/08, Daniel Micay wrote:
> >It's necessary to choose between python2 and python3 support.
> >
> IIRC both can be compiled in, but only one can be used at runtime

Hmm, *compiling* it with both flags works, but not sure what happens
at runtime then? Arch seems to provide a gvim and a gvim-python3
package, and I suspect there is some reason for that.

I'll ask the gvim-maintainer, I'd guess he knows more :)

* Johannes Löthberg <johannes at kyriasis.com> [2014-08-06 16:14:26 +0200]:
> On 06/08, Florian Bruhin wrote:
> >Now obviously I have to depend on vim-runtime, and I currently I have
> >the version number pinned (just like the vim package).
> >
> Why would you have to depend on it? Either include it in the package or
> build a split package yourself.

That is a good point. Ended up including it, and adding it to

Thanks for all your help!


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