[aur-general] Maintenance issues with metasploit-git package

Johannes Löthberg johannes at kyriasis.com
Thu Aug 21 13:27:30 EDT 2014

On 21/08, Massimiliano Torromeo wrote:
>On Thu, Aug 21, 2014 at 6:00 PM, ​ <483ken at gmail.com> wrote:
>> 1. The build script appends instructions into user-specific and
>> shell-specific ~/.bash_profile on build time.
>That package is really really bad but this point makes it borderline
>malicious. A package that wants to touch my home directory should be
>immediately removed IMO.

Not only that, he was told about several problems with the package in 
the comments but refused to accept that they were problems and told the 
person who commented on them to "NOT WASTE [HIS] TIME AGAIN".. To be 
honest it doesn't sound like he's fit to maintain AUR packages.

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