[aur-general] Can't run Nested: ImportError: No module named Image

Yichao Yu yyc1992 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 29 09:46:44 EDT 2014

>>> In addition to it, nested need to be patched for using (or rather
>>> being able to use) pillow instead of PIL[1].
> ^
> As I said, nested needs to be patched.
>>> I've also noticed that pywebkitgtk is necessary to start the nested
>>> executable but is only listed as optional dependency.
>> I have installed pywebkitgtk also.
>> Still can't start nested.

This note has nothing to do with your problem. It is just another
package which is not listed as dependency but is required to start
nested. I'm wondering if pywebkitgtk should be dependency as well or
if it is only required for the executable but there's other function
of the package that does not require pywebkitgtk. (And what is the
situation for PIL.)

>> --
>> Regards from Pal

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