[aur-general] Should we recommend removing comments from the AUR?

Robert Mackanics schnoopay at gmx.com
Tue Dec 2 00:15:34 UTC 2014

On Monday, December 01, 2014 18:15:22 Karol Blazewicz wrote:
> What is your take on this idea?

I personally don't like the idea of removing comments. I think a real issue 
tracker would be ideal, but also a decent substitute would be to be able to 
mark comments as an issue/bug when they are posted, and having the maintainer 
be able to mark them as resolved, although that may actually be more difficult 
to implement.

I would like to note that I'm also perfectly happy with the current situation, 
but if something were to be done the above is what I'd like to see instead of 
comment deletion.


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