[aur-general] requesting a critique for my build of xen-git-4.5.0-rc3

Doug McMillan dlm1065 at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 9 01:16:11 UTC 2014

I am not sure the proper etiquette so tell me if this is not appropriate.
I uploaded my package to 
I am hoping that anyone that anyone that has a moment can take a look and tell me if I did anything wrong. I made a new package that git pulls the new 4.5-rc3 for xen. I filled in the environment variables and parameters the upstream .configure --help=recursive, README and INSTALL mention. Doing this I eliminated the need to have many files like the other AUR xen builds, as the git make automatically pulls needed components down. I am hoping to remove many of the things that could break the build. The current AUR have xen building OVMF and OVMF's build system  isn't playing nice with xen so I used a xen make option to move OVMF out of xen and used the standard ARCH pacakage. I have not tested this functionality yet. 
NOTE: I did build xen as root as upstream recommended
NOTE: I copied and modified files from other AUR xen pacakeges.I have not attributed this at the top of the build yet. I used xen, xen-git,linux-mainline as templates


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