[aur-general] Adopt Monkeysphere

Valo valo at eigenlab.org
Thu Dec 11 10:47:12 UTC 2014

Thanks! I uploaded it
Il 10/12/2014 21:28, Florian Bruhin ha scritto:
> * Valo <valo at eigenlab.org> [2014-12-10 20:53:58 +0100]:
>> Sorry, I was attacching an archive, maybe it's not possible, here [1]
>> the archive, it'll be uploaded to the AUR if everything it's ok
> Some minor things:
> - There are two checksum arrays, you most likely want to delete
>   sha1sums. Most PKGBUILDs also have them next to source=(...) instead
>   of at the end.
> - In line 42, the path should be quoted properly ("$pkgdir/var/...")
>   so it works if $pkgdir e.g. has spaces in it.
> Florian


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