[aur-general] Code review request: new PKGBUILD "omodoro"

Oliver Kraitschy okraits at arcor.de
Mon Feb 10 07:18:13 EST 2014

Hi Justin,

thanks for that link - i didn't run into that page on the wiki.
So i will use the last git pkgver() example on that page:

printf "r%s.%s" "$(git rev-list --count HEAD)" "$(git rev-parse --short HEAD)"

-> r1142.a17a017

This is incremental, independent of tags and includes the fingerprint for



On Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 08:43:49PM +1000, Justin Dray wrote:
>  For the git pkgver functions, you're best off checking the wiki:
> https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/VCS_PKGBUILD_Guidelines
> The first one you posted is the only one listed there. The function you are
> using at the moment will return a random version as it's just the
> fingerprint of the latest commit; That means it may or may not get seen as
> an update when people go to build the next version. You need to make sure
> it is something that makes sense and increments as new commits are made.
> You should rarely have to deviate from what is on that VCS PKGBUILD
> guidelines page.

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