[aur-general] Need help with perl-extutils-f77 maintaining

Anton Leontiev bunder at t-25.ru
Sat Jan 4 12:03:47 EST 2014


I'm maintainer of 'perl-extutils-f77' package [1]. After 'unneeded'
static libraries were removed from 'gcc-fortran' [2] my package has
stopped passing 'check' stage. The reason is that 'perl-extutils-f77'
searches exclusively static libraries. Please, advice me what is the
right thing to do:

1. Ask 'gcc-fortran' maintainer to restore static libraries.

2. Patch 'perl-extutils-f77' to search dynamic libraries also. The
advantage of this method is that all other packages depending on
'perl-extutils-f77' will work without modifications.

3. ExtUtils::F77 respects F77LIBS environment variable to override
gfortan flags. And here I see two possibilities:

 * Add F77LIBS to profile.d. Here I don't know how to apply this new
variably upon package installation.
 * Add F77LIBS to every package that depends on 'perl-extutils-f77'.
Quick and dirty.

I'll appreciate any advice.

[1] https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/perl-extutils-f77/


Anton Leontiev

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