[aur-general] Compiz reform

Florian Dejonckheere florian at floriandejonckheere.be
Tue Jan 7 04:59:21 EST 2014

Compiz has been dropped from [community] for over a year. It's time to
clean up the fragmented packages. I suggest the following changes:

- Merge all 'compiz' packages (compiz, compiz-pure etc.) into
'compiz-core', make that one DE independant.
- Create either spinoffs of that package built for DEs (gnome, gtk, kde) or
use a split package à la backintime-{gnome,gtk,kde4} (which I prefer)
- Standalone decorator packages for gnome, gtk, kde, emerald
- Rename plugins from 'compiz-fusion-plugins-*' to 'compiz-plugins-*'
following upstream

We also seem to have a lot of -dev and -bzr packages for compiz++ (aka
compiz 0.9). To me it makes more sense to rename all -dev packages to
compiz++, since compiz-0.9 is (or rather, was) the next-gen version of
compiz, rather than a development version.

Besides that, almost all PKGBUILDs have to be updated to match modern

- Florian

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