[aur-general] TU application, sponsored by Lukas Fleischer

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Tue Jan 21 05:20:23 EST 2014


On Monday 20 January 2014 23:32:08 Jonas Heinrich wrote:
> Hi ArchLinux community,
> I like to apply as TU, sponsored by Lukas Fleischer (aka CryptoCrack),
> since my passion and work for ArchLinux continues since half a decade
> and I really would like to get more involved into development and
> package maintaining.
> My name is Jonas (my public key [1]), I'm 23 years old, computer science
> student in Karlsruhe, Germany. I switched to Linux in school while
> working voluntarily on a school server [2] and school internet cafe
> together with a class mate in our free time. Hacking on fun projects
> became on of my big hobbies and some of them are documented in my blog
> [3]. I get a lot of inspiration and exchange in my local hacker space,
> the Entropia e.V. [4] which is part of the CCC (Chaos Computer Club) [5]
> but also at work as a network administrator at the architecture faculty
> of my university.
> I love ArchLinux, using it on my servers (with several ArchLinux vms)
> and on my laptop, because it's simple, basic and fast. The wiki is also
> one of my favorite places in the community, because all the
> documentation is pragmatic and to the point. I constantly write new
> how-to's or improve instructions on other pages [6]. In my opinion, a
> well written Wiki/Doku, also for all the third-party software, is very
> important and one reason why I don't want to use Debian anymore for my
> projects.
> I learned how to write clean and sometimes complex PKGBUILDs over time
> and now maintaining up to 150 AUR packages [7]. Some of them are really
> important to me (using them on my server or integrated them to my
> projects) and I think also important to the community, so I would like
> to put them into the community repository. For example: archivemount,
> btar, dmtcp, etherpad-lite, freecad, gallery, gitlab, hlds, joomla,
> opentracker, pyload, python-libtorrent-rasterbar, sslstrip, etc. For
> other packages, I adopted them just to fix broken PKGBUILDs or I tried
> to port non-supported software to ArchLinux like Zenoss, oVirt or Kolab
> while working with their developers to improve ArchLinux support.
> At least, here are some of my experimental projects you can look at:
> p2pacman [8], pkgcheck [9], wikidict [10], carpc based on ArchLinux
> [11].
> For further questions, you can find me on #archlinux at freenode or just
> ask them here on the mailinglist.
> Best regards,
> Jonas

I have looked quickly at your packages. Some of this has been said before.

1) For some packages you use bsdtar/tar in the package() function. It is not 
an error, but source files already unpacked into $srcdir. Maybe is it a better 
way to use "cp" (or "install") instead of "bsdtar"?
2) For some packages you don't use double quotes for $srcdir and/or $pkgdir 
3) PKGBUILDs for "ausweisapp", "centrafuseauto-beta", some of "courier-" and 
other packages may be less than it is. (If you will use "find -exec" for 
example.) But it isn't an error too.
4) Some of PKGBUILDs have "| return 1" function.
5) Some of your packages are out-of-date.
6) Why you do not use patches for some of your packages and use giant sed 
7) Some of your packages have old VCS standart.
8) vim-paster really had not package() function.

But some others look pretty. I understand that it is difficult to maintain a 
large number of packages. But it is a reason to disown some of them.

I want ask you what are packages groups that you want maintain and why? Or 
have you no any general idea?
С уважением, Е.Алексеев.
Sincerely yours, E.Alekseev.

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