[aur-general] Prefered way to create users/groups and handle files ownership

Jeremy Audet ichimonji10 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 26 15:35:10 EST 2014

> The reason why permissions should be set in the PKGBUILD is because that
> way pacman can track them.

Interesting. I didn't know Pacman could do that. The phrases "UID", "uid"
and "gid" do not appear in the man pages for pacman or pkgbuild. Is this
undocumented behaviour?

> Then it's up to the maintainer to choose
> UIDs/GIDs that do not conflict with official packages, and to the user to
> check that they don't already use that particular UID/GID ,before
> installing an AUR package.

Ick. I think that's an unnecessary and unreasonable expectation that
results in a more fragile and unmaintainble system.

As for a better solution? Hmm. `install` (and probably other tools too) can
reference user and group names directly. Thus, this:

> install -o141 -g141 -dm750 "${pkgdir}/var/log/inspircd"

Could also be written as this:

> install -o inspircd -g inspircd -dm750 "${pkgdir}/var/log/inspircd"


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