[aur-general] Troll account

Rob McCathie korrode at gmail.com
Tue Jul 8 19:09:05 EDT 2014

Hello AUR General,

I am a Manjaro team member and have been an Arch user for ~5 years. I
still run Arch proper on many systems and test my AUR packages on Arch
proper (just thought i'd get that out of the way ;-p )

We've had to remove someone from our team recently due to their
abusing of their forum account's moderation privileges and some other
stuff. This person has gone on to prove just how right we were to get
rid of them by launching malicious attacks on our wiki and attempts on
some other web services. (There's no doubt it's the same person, he
directly threatened us with malicious action.)

It appears now he is attacking Manjaro team members with any avenue he can find.

This account here:
Has been made for no reason but to troll (myself and possibly other
Manjaro devs with AUR accounts).

It flagged all of my AUR packages out-of-date (of which none are) and
sent a delete request for one (aqualung). The name "kingrobbo" tells
me with 100% certainty that it's the same now-troll we've been dealing
with, if any AUR admins want more information on this and why i know
it's the same person please feel free to email me privately.

For now i haven't set all my packages to not-out-of-date, so the AUR
admins get a chance to see what i mean.

I cannot apologise enough for our problems spilling onto AUR,
obviously this is the last thing we want.

Of course how to respond is up to you, but my hope is, obviously, that
you'll delete their AUR account.

Regards and apologies,
Rob McCathie

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