[aur-general] yaourt - tmpfs error: No space left on device

Филип Брчић brcha at gna.org
Sat Jul 19 07:51:42 EDT 2014

Tmpfs has a fixed amount of desired RAM. But, if you have enough programs that use that same RAM it will start swapping on your swap drive (in his case only 512MB). Also, 3.2G is not nearly enough for large stuff (kdelibs, libreoffice, firefox, ...), since it has to hold both the source, the object files and the installed files.

19.07.2014, 13:43, "Johannes Löthberg" <johannes at kyriasis.com>:
> On 19/07, Филип Брчић wrote:
>> If you use /tmp, then building will be faster, but everything will be in the memory drive (tmpfs 3.2G ... /tmp = in memory). That is better for smaller packages, but if you run chrome or firefox with lots of tabs and some more memory-intensive programs, you'll end up with the "no space left" message.
> The tmpfs has a fixed amount of RAM, so running chrome and firefox won't
> make a difference, his tmpfs is 3.2G and he used all of it up.
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