[aur-general] Compiz package naming

Rob McCathie korrode at gmail.com
Fri Jul 25 04:43:44 EDT 2014

Hello AUR general & Compiz package maintainers.

There was some discussion about Compiz packages a little while ago, i
don't think that much came of it. I'd like to re-open the discussion.

My opinions/suggestions:

Calling the 0.8 series "compiz" and the 0.9 series "compiz-devel" is
no longer correct, it hasn't been for quite some time.

All information on this page:
is completely wrong and out of date, like 5 years out of date, and
should not be used as a reference for anything.
Tracking of the state of Compiz should be done from here:

Development of the 0.8 series is as close to being dead as it could
be. Unless you count 2 tiny commits 5 months ago, nothing has been
done in 16 months, and even that 16 month old commit was a minor
change just to get it working with KDE 4.10, with the commit prior to
that being an additional 5 months back.

My suggestion is pretty simple, "compiz" becomes the 0.9 series, the
0.8 series becomes "compiz-legacy".
Any 0.9 series packages that have "core" in their name should have it
removed, since the concept of Compiz being split up has been dropped
since the 0.9 series. The 0.9 series doesn't have a "core" component,
it's just "compiz".

Some examples:

martadinata666's "compiz-core" package would become "compiz-legacy-core"

dev_rs0's "compiz-core-devel" package would become simply "compiz"

Chazza's "compiz-core-bzr" package would become "compiz-bzr"

flexiondotorg's "compiz-core-mate" package would become

My "compiz-gtk-standalone" package would become "compiz-legacy-gtk-standalone"

All the "compiz-fusion-plugins-*" packages would become

...and so on.

What are everyone's thoughts?

Rob McCathie

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