[aur-general] Compiz package naming

/dev/rs0 rs0 at secretco.de.com
Fri Jul 25 12:17:52 EDT 2014

Hello Everyone,

I think it definitely makes sense to drop the 'core' name and take on 
the 'legacy' scheme as described.

Additionally, seeing as 'compiz-core-bzr' is more actively maintained, 
and that 'compiz-core-devel' is basically a derivative now; I've been 
curious if Chazza would like to adopt the package.

I occasionally receive patches from him and notice much more community 
involvement on the Wiki/AUR/Forums in regard to 'compiz-core-bzr'. I 
seem to be an unnecessary middleman for such an infrequently updated 


On 07/25/2014 03:43 AM, Rob McCathie wrote:
> Hello AUR general & Compiz package maintainers.
> There was some discussion about Compiz packages a little while ago, i
> don't think that much came of it. I'd like to re-open the discussion.
> My opinions/suggestions:
> Calling the 0.8 series "compiz" and the 0.9 series "compiz-devel" is
> no longer correct, it hasn't been for quite some time.
> All information on this page:
> http://www.compiz.org/
> is completely wrong and out of date, like 5 years out of date, and
> should not be used as a reference for anything.
> Tracking of the state of Compiz should be done from here:
> https://launchpad.net/compiz
> Development of the 0.8 series is as close to being dead as it could
> be. Unless you count 2 tiny commits 5 months ago, nothing has been
> done in 16 months, and even that 16 month old commit was a minor
> change just to get it working with KDE 4.10, with the commit prior to
> that being an additional 5 months back.
> http://cgit.compiz.org/compiz/core/log/?h=compiz-0.8
> My suggestion is pretty simple, "compiz" becomes the 0.9 series, the
> 0.8 series becomes "compiz-legacy".
> Any 0.9 series packages that have "core" in their name should have it
> removed, since the concept of Compiz being split up has been dropped
> since the 0.9 series. The 0.9 series doesn't have a "core" component,
> it's just "compiz".
> Some examples:
> martadinata666's "compiz-core" package would become "compiz-legacy-core"
> dev_rs0's "compiz-core-devel" package would become simply "compiz"
> Chazza's "compiz-core-bzr" package would become "compiz-bzr"
> flexiondotorg's "compiz-core-mate" package would become
> "compiz-legacy-core-mate"
> My "compiz-gtk-standalone" package would become "compiz-legacy-gtk-standalone"
> All the "compiz-fusion-plugins-*" packages would become
> "compiz-legacy-fusion-plugins-*"
> ...and so on.
> What are everyone's thoughts?
> --
> Regards,
> Rob McCathie

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