[aur-general] ArchLinux TU Application: Fabio Castelli (Muflone)

Muflone webreg at vbsimple.net
Wed Jul 30 19:06:55 EDT 2014

Hi everyone

My name's Fabio Castelli (aka Muflone) from Italy and I wish to apply to
become a TU for ArchLinux to maintain some packages in the community
repository. My TU sponsor is György Balló.

I actually work as a software developer in a local private company and I
use GNU/Linux since the 1998, having started with Slackware 2.0.
Many years have passed through Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu and finally
ArchLinux that actually I use daily at home and at my job place since a
couple of years. Debian is still often used for software packaging, to
deploy services in my network and for less experienced colleagues that
needs some GNU/Linux environment in my job place.

My experience in development is long term, starting in '80s with C=64
Basic, actually I work daily in Python (under Windows, GNU/Linux and
i5/OS, both desktop, server and web platforms), Delphi and VB (under
Windows), RPG/400 and CL (under i5/OS) and many other things which I use
less often, like C or J2EE.

My open source contributions are a really long list but let's try to not
be boring:

- maintainer for over 160 packages in the AUR, most of them updated often:

- maintainer for some Debian packages:

- author of various open source softwares:

- written hundreds of articles for an Italian website around VB6
development through the 1998 and 2004: http://www.vbsimple.net/

- written hundreds of articles for an Italian website around Ubuntu
through the 2009 and the 2011: http://ubuntrucchi.wordpress.com/

- support in the Italian Ubuntu forum, I was the second most active
member of the forum through the 2009 and the 2012:

- support and founder of LQH (Linux Quality Help), an Italian GNU/Linux
forum where normal users could ask their questions and only the experts
group could offer support, resulting in higher quality service, ran only
from highly experienced users through the 2009 and the 2012:

- written tenth of Italian video guides around PyGTK development through
the 2008 and the 2010: http://pygtk.wordpress.com/

- written a couple of articles around GNOME Shell in the 2011:

- could continue but better stopping here.. too boring. I'm sorry!

ArchLinux is actually my favorite GNU/Linux distributions and I think I
could do a lot of work in enhancing this great distribution.
What I love about ArchLinux is the perfect control it gives to me and it
needs from me.

Every time I need some software, I package it and then I publish it
under AUR.
I try to apply an old Microsoft rule: "Never ever write the same thing
twice", so if the software resulted useful to me then it could be useful
for other users and AUR is a perfect place where to find stuff.

There are a lot of packages that I wish to move in the community
repository: hfsprogs, kompozer, sweethome3d, gmtp, arista,
spyder/spyder3, sbackup, gwakeonlan, gespeaker, remmina-plugin-*,

There are also packages maintained from other users that I wish to see
in community repository: dex2jar, dmg2img, firefox-theme-adwaita and
thunderbird-theme-adwaita, gigolo, gscan2pdf, httrack, linkchecker,
loggedfs, netactview, pacmanlogviewer, parallel-python, pyrenamer.

I read daily the AUR general and AUR requests mailing lists but I never
participate in the discussions, after many years of discussions in other
ML and forums I lost the pleasure in writing stuff inside the communities.
The same applies to IRC, too much time spent in helping others (I was
also HelpOp in #irchelp) forced me to away even from IRC.

My job coincided with my favorite hobby so, apart my personal projects
(see GitHub) I love reading heavy books (technical, development,
sysadmin, networking but also theater or classic novels) and watching
films when the TV is not owned by my gf.

Thank you for reading up to here.
Best regards

Fabio Castelli / Muflone

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