[aur-general] AUR 3.0.0 released

Hector Martinez-Seara hseara at gmail.com
Thu Jun 5 01:56:00 EDT 2014

> Why do files/directories inside a src tarball need to be 644/755
> respectively? [1]
> I run with umask 027 so this error is going to bite me every time I
> create a new PKGBUILD to upload, or forget to change the permissions
> on my existing PKGBUILD's.
I have to agree with Philip. I also have my system with a different umask
It is really annoying to have to remember every time I want to create/update
a package to:
1) change temporary the umask in my system
2) check that all the files that will be bundle in the aur package have the
permission set
3) call mkaurball
4) change back umask ( if using the same terminal )

In my last two submissions to the AUR after the change the truth is that it
that I had to do the job twice as I did not realize that I forgot to change
the permissions

Notice that before AUR 3 just calling "makepkg --source" was enough. Any
good reason
for this change? If there any possibility as Philip proposes that this is
done in the serve side?

Thanks all for the great job,

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